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Jeff's Koi House is Tampa Bay Area's largest supplier of high quality imported Koi.


Jeff's Koi House
2233 Nursery Rd
Clearwater, Florida 33765

Phone: (727) 517-5274


Tropical Bog Plants

Dwarf Papyrus - $9.99 on sale
1 1/2 ' to 2' plant has many thin leaves on the top stems.

Egyptian Papyrus - $9.99 on sale
Grows over 8' tall. Has triangular stems and needle-like foliage. Pot in a large container.

Umbrella Palm - $9.99 on sale
Grows 3' to 4' tall. Long strap like leaves foliage forming at the top of the stem.

Variegated Umbrella Palm - $14.00
Occasional green stem will grow from this plant (if it does just trim it out). Grows 3' to 4'.

Imperial Taro - $9.99 on sale
Has black and green variegated leaves. Grows 24" to 30" tall.

Black Taro - $9.99 on sale
Charcoal black leaves. Grows about 2' to 3' high and can have varieties of partial shades.

Variegated Taro-  $9.99 on sale
It has lush green leaves that are mottle in ivory. It likes to be slightly above the water surface.

Black Marble Taro - $11.00
Greenish black foliage is mottled black with cranberry red stems. Pot in a wide container.

Green Taro - $8.00
Grows 4' tall and can have leaves up to 24". Also known as elephant ears.

Bog Lily - $8.00
Has white flowers on and off during the spring and summer months. Grows about 24" high.

Orange Water Canna - $8.00
Flowers features orange petals with splashes of yellow on the outside. Plant grows 4'.

Red Water Canna - $8.00
Bronze-red foliage tipped with velvet-red flowers. Grows to 5'.

Yellow Canna - $8.00
Yellow blooms will flower starting in early summer and continue until frost. It has green apple foliage. Grows to 3' tall.

White Snowflake - $5.00
Produces abundance of small white flowers. It has bronze and green mottled lily pad-like leaves. Plant 6" to 8" under the water.

Orange Snowflake - $9.00
Leaves are lime green and 3" to 4" across. Star-like flower is pumpkin-orange. Should be 6" to 8" deep in the water.

Red Night Blooming Hibiscus - $19.99
Grows 6' tall. It is a night bloomer. It has deep red flowers and the leaves are also deep red with jagged edges.

Dwarf Amazonica - $12.00
Grows to 12' tall, spider like leaves. Very exotic

Mickey Mouse Taro - $12.00
Grows 24' to 36'. Sun to Partial Shade. Grown for foliage, variegated, shiny/glossy textured, mottled.


Jeff's Koi House offers a wide selection of aquatic plants for your pond.


Assorted Water Lilies $25 AND

Assorted Aquatic Plants $9.99 per 1 Gallon

We have Hardy Bog Plants and Tropical Bog Plants

Click on the link to the left to see our plants. If you have a specific type of plant for your pond, give us a call or come by our place.

We are located in Largo Florida

Phone: (727) 517-5274

Jeff's Koi Farm, located in Largo Florida

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